Jean-Claude Wolff



© G. Bompais

Works, quintets

Chants (1994) for wind quintet. 16'
Pemiere : May 30, 1995, at "La Rampe" (Echirolles) by the Circe Quintet . Unpublished.

Threne (1997) for flute, violin, cello, clarinet and piano. 15'
Premiere : May 25, 1998, at Ville-d'Avray Castle, by the Atelier Musique de Ville-d'Avray, conductor Jean-Louis Petit. Unpublished.

Lamento (2010), for piano and string quartet; 15'; Unpublished. Premiere 2 November 2023 by the Auckland Chamber Music Collective.

Pratea, résonance liturgique, (2010), for brass quintet; 14'; Unpublished.
Premiere may 2, 2011 at Purchase College State University (New York), by the New York Chamber Brass .

par les chemins..., (2014) for wind quintet; 13'; Premiere: December 14 2014 by the Koechlin ensemble at the Temple de Port-Royal (Paris). Unpublished.