Jean-Claude Wolff



© G. Bompais

Vocal music

Nuit (1980) for soprano and string quartet (poème de Max Jacob). 12'   
Premiere : June 18, 1980, Festival "Villa Medici" (Rome), by Michiko Hirayama and "I solisti di Roma". Unpublished.

Psaume 88 (1990) for choir (4 voices) and instrumental ensemble (on texts from the Bible). 20 '

Symphonie n° 6 (1994) for six voices, choir (4 voices) and orchestra (on texts by Rory Nelson). 45'

L'inquietude (1995) for mezzo-soprano and instrumental ensemble (on poems by Rory Nelson). 20'
Premiere : November 30, 1996, Valmagne Abbey, "12e festival de Musique de Valmagne" by Marie-Helene Vuillerme, mezzo-soprano, and the ensemble "Le temps retrouve", conductor Serge Coste. Unpublished.

Poemes orientaux (1998) for contralto and piano (on poems by Buson, Hâfiz, Bashô). 25'

Psaumes for six female voices, baritone and instrumental ensemble. 
On psaums 143 and 150 (1998). 20 '
Premiere : August 22, 1999, "Summer Concerts in Saint-Germain" (Geneva, Switzerland), by Pierre-Yves Pruvot, baritone, "Resonance contemporaine" vocal ensemble, "Fidelio" instrumental ensemble, conductor Bernard Tetu. Editions Notissimo.

Le lointain le plus proche
(1999) for soprano and harp (on poems by Rory Nelson). 10'

Poemes de revolte (2000) for soprano, oboe, english horn, bassoon (on poems by Andree Chedid). 12' Unpublished.

Poemes d'alliance (2000) for soprano, oboe/hautbois d'amour, English horn, bassoon. 12'   
(on poems by Andree Chedid).
Premiere : June 23, 2003, auditorium of the "Cite de la Musique" (Marseille), by Marie Prost, soprano, and the trio Besozzi. Unpublished.

Ave Maria (2001) for four female voices (solists or choir). 3'
Premiere : June 14, 2002, Chapelle des Cordeliers, "Musiques demesurees" 4th Festival (Clermont-Ferrand), by Resonance contemporaine vocal ensemble, conductor Alain Goudard. Unpublished.

Paginas de invierno (2002) for baritone, piano, flute, cello (on poems by Francois Szabo) 11'   
Premiere : February 3, 2003, Augustins Museum in Toulouse, by Pierre-Yves Pruvot, baritone, and musicians of the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse. Editions Symetrie.

Sin arrimo y con arrimo (2005) for six female voices and clarinet (text by Saint Jean de la Croix) Premiere : June 1, 2005, in Bourget du Lac, "les voix du Prieuré" Festival Ensemble "Résonance contemporaine", conductor Alain Goudard. Unpublished.

Deux melodies russes (2005) for bass-baritone and piano (poem by Francois Szabo). duration: 6'. Unpublished.
Premiere may 31, 2013, at the Château de Lavérune (France), during the « Printemps des Poètes », by Olivier Brunel, baritone and Aline Marteville, piano.

Trois chansons melancoliques(2005) for tenor and piano (on poems by Verlaine). 7' Unpublished.

Trois chansons cruelles (2005) for tenor, small percussions and piano (on poems by Charles Baudelaire). 6'. Unpublished.

Trois idylles (2005), on poems by Leopardi, for mezzo-soprano or contralto and accordeon. Premiere: March 10, 2006 by Sophie Delaplane, mezzo, Thi Lien Truong, alto and Jean-Marc Michel, accordeon, at the Bourget du Lac abbaye (France), during the festival "Les voix du Prieuré".

"Chanson catalane" (2006), on poems by François Szabo, for baryton and piano; duration  6'; Premiere: March 13, 2011 at Chapelle Saint Bernard (Paris), by T. de Gromard, baryton, and D. Gadmer, piano. Unpublished.

"Rosenkranzlieder" (2007), on poems by G.Trakl, for soprano, amplified guitar, ondes Martenot. Inédit. World Premiered December 15, 2007 at the "théâtre du Lucernaire" (Paris), by trio 3D. Duration: 11 minutes.

Magnificat, (2008) 18' for six female voices; unpublished; premiere june 14 2009 - "Résonance Contemporaine" Ensembke, conductor Alain Goudard, ''église abbatiale de Bourget-du-Lac(73)', during the festivel "Les voix du Prieuré".

Trakl-Lieder (2008), for mezzo-soprano and piano; unpublished; duration : 13 minutes.

Comme un appel (2009) 2', for mezzo-soprano and bass-clarinet; Unpublished.

Le Quatuor, (2009), three acts opera, booklet Rory Nelson, for seven singers and orchestra; 3 hours 15 minutes; Unpublished

Murmures d'archive, for soprano, two clarinets, Martenot waves, on a Fabienne Morel video (2010) ; Unpublished; duration : 20 minutes.
Premiere june 26 2010, at the Abbaye de La Prée (France), with Sophie Accaoui, singer, and an ensemble conducted by the composer.

Vino tinto, Vino blanco, for soprano and string quartet, poems by Michaël Drihen , engraving by Marie-Clémentine Marès (2011) ; Unpublished; duration: 11 minutes.

Cinq chansons, for soprano and piano, poems by Marie-Clémentine Marès (2011);
Premiere February 13, 2016 by Nathalie Pannier, soprano and Sophie Théron, piano, at "la Maison Verte (Paris)
Unpublished; duration: 6 minutes.

Exils élégiaques, for three demale voices, poems by Antoine de Nervèze (2011); Unpublished; duration: 13 minutes.

Murmure d’exil, for soprano and Martenot waves (2011); Unpublished; duration: 9 minutes.
Premiere november 26, 2011 at the Theatre de l’Onde, Velizy France, during « La Nuit de l’Onde », with Nathalie Pannier, soprano, and Francesca Paderni, Martenot waves.

Où la fleur affleure, for mezzo-soprano, clarinet/bass clarinet-bass, piano, poem by François Szabo (2012); Unpublished; duration: 13 minutes.

Le guetteur mélancolique (2012) for baritone and piano on poems Guillaume Apollinaire. Unpublished; duration: 7 minutes.
Premiere november 17, 2012 at the Schola Cantorum (Paris), by Philippe Cantor, baritone and Sophie Rives, piano.

Ailes en murmures (2013) for mezzo-soprano and baritone.
Premiere september 29, 2013 at bateau Daphné (Paris), by Christine Simolka, baryton, and René Wohlhauser, piano
Unpublished; duration: 7 minutes.

Ma petite colombelle... (2014) for baryton and piano, poems by Ronsard. 21’
Premiere November 20, 2015 at Schola Cantorum (Paris) by Philippe Cantor, baryton, and Sophie Rives, piano

escaliers disloqués for mezzo-soprano or soprano and two clarinets or two saxophones (soprano and alto), on a poem by Lee Semyeong, (7 min) (2017), premiered 11/06/2017 at the « Libraires Associés » (75018), as part of the French-English Poetry Festival by Anne Le Coutour, mezzo-soprano, Asdubal Bandeira and Altamira Rocha, saxophones. Unpublished.