Jean-Claude Wolff



G. Bompais








Symphonie n°2 (Symphony no.2)


The Symphony no. 2 for violin and orchestra' was written in 1978. The work was not a concerto, but a big lyric melody, where the violin and the orchestra are closely intertwined in a game of tones that is in itself an aspect of this melody.

This fusion is particularly obvious in all the medium part of this work, quite bitter and violent, alternating desperate jumps and sudden fall-outs.

However, at the beginning, the violin is clearly out of synch, with a long phrase above the orchestra's least lively brass.

The Symphony no. 2, which is continuous, concludes with a violin line, evocative of the first singing in a dialogue with some soloist instruments, above an orchestra at first squeezed in the medium, then invading all the sonic space, from the extremely bass tones to the extremely acute. The violin culminates above this chromatic density, ending the piece in a climate of faraway farewell.

Audio sample : performed by the Polish Radio and TV Symphony Orchestra,
conductor: Szymon Kawalla; violin: Wierslaw Kwasny