Jean-Claude Wolff



© G. Bompais

Works, solos

Morale IV (1984) for electric guitar. 8'
Premiere: October 9, 1986, at the Festival "Angers Musiques du XXe siecle" (Angers) by Claude Pavy, electric guitar. Unpublished.

Incantation (1994) for harp. 8'
Premiere: August 21, 1994, "Flaneries musicales d'ete" (Reims), by Martine Flaissier, harp. Unpublished.

Crépuscules (1996) for piano. 15'
Premiere: November 20, 1997, at the Peniche-Opera (Paris), by Christine Cornier-Langlois, piano.
Premiere of the definitive version: December 5, 2003, at the "Bastide de la Magalone" (Marseille) by Jacques Raynaut, piano. Unpublished.

Onze Preludes (1997) for piano. 25'.  
Premiere: February 13, 2000, "Presences 2000" Festival (Radio-France, Paris), by Alice Ader, piano.
ditions Delatour.

Cis (2002) for piano. 9'
Premiere December 7, 2015 at the Maison de l'Italie, Paris, by Jennifer Lee, piano.
ditions Delatour.

Cinq Mantras (2006),
for piano.
Premiered on May 17, 2007 by Laurent Wagschal, piano, at the Abbaye de La Prée, France during the 14th Rencontres Musicales.

Allusions (2009) for piano. 16' Unpublished

Exil d’enfance (2013) 25’ for piano. Premiere, november 5, 2013 by Gilles Nicolas, salle Cortot, Paris.